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Troy Roberts is one of Canada's premier First Nations carvers and his Changing Tide Creations online Native Art Gallery offers a truly spectacular selection of Native North American art, specifically Northwest coast Indian art.

Provenance - All Gallery pieces are museum quality original pieces of authentic Canadian Indian art hand carved, painted and decorated by Canadian Native artist Troy Roberts. Each piece is unique and will never be duplicated. If a piece is not available then similar designs may be commissioned.

Inception - When Troy creates his intricately carved ceremonial red and yellow cedar Indian masks, spectacular transformation masks, ceremonial halibut bowls inlaid with abalone and copper, carved and painted cedar paddles and native ceremonial talking sticks he also contemplates the story behind each piece, the native legend it represents and why he chose to create it.

History - For Troy, the story of each piece of native art he creates is as important as the piece itself. His attention to detail and his reverence for his First Nations art and history and knowledge of the North American native culture provides Native art collectors with precious insight into the complex history of the Northwest coast native culture of Vancouver Island, Canada.

At Home in Weiwakum - While producing his impressive collection of dramatic Indian masks and carvings Troy has immersed himself in his native Weiwakum First Nation culture in his home on the Campbell Indian Reserve in Campbell River on the East Coast of Vancouver Island, British Columbia, Canada. His interpretation of traditional native designs is both historically correct and breathtakingly innovative.

I received the mask yesterday in perfect condition... it is absolutely spectacular.

The attention to detail and the quality of the work is outstanding.

Everyone who has seen the mask agrees it is a first class museum quality piece.

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