Native Indian Art - Canadian Native Art - Hokhokw (Hoxhok-of-the-Sky) Mask

Artist: Troy Roberts
Tribal affiliation: Kwakiutl

Hokhokw is one of three Kwakwaka'wakw giant cannibal birds that are the attendants of Baxwbakwalanuxusiwe', the Cannibal-at-the-North-End-of-the-World, and a part of the Hamatsa  (Cannibal Dance) ceremony.  The other two are Crooked-Beak and Cannibal Raven  Hokhokw is a fearsome monster who uses his long bill to crack open human skulls and eat the brains.  It is identified by a very long, fairly narrow bill (longer and narrower, typically, than that of Raven), which is square-tipped.  Often it also features flaraed nostils, and black, white and red colouring.  This mask can be very large.

This mask is carved from red cedar with acrylic paint , cedar bark dressing.
The bill opens and closes.
Length - 60" "
I Width - 12 " I Depth - 45 "