Native Indian Art - Canadian Native Art - Pugwis Mask with Cormorant

Artist: Troy Roberts
Tribal affiliation: Kwakiutl

Man-of-the-Sea is an undersea spirit in human form. This Pugwis mask has a fish-like face, round eyes in well-defined round sockets, gills, prominent, rounded contours on the face; and two large, beaver-like front teeth. Sometimes Cormorant sits on top of his head.

Pelagic cormorants (also called shags) breed along the Northwest Coast, along with double-crested and Brandt's cormorants.  The cormorant is a diving bird, whose ability to both fly in the air and travel underwater leads to its appearance in shamanic contexts.  Shamans  often seek the guidance and spirit power of creatures that can move from one environment to another.

This mask is carved from red cedar with
acrylic paint and varathane and dressed with
natural and dyed cedar.
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Measurements of finished piece
Height - 36 " I Width - 24 "