Native Indian Art - Killer Whale Transformation Ceremonial Mask
Click the mask to reveal the inside

Artist: Troy Roberts
Tribal affiliation: Kwakiutl

The act of transformation was often played out in dances, usually with the help of a mask which was specially designed to help create the illusion. These dances were held as part of traditionally lavish community gatherings to mark impotant events such as funerals or marriages. (potlatch ceremonies)

There are many legends about this great sea mammal. A favourite is the story of a whale, injured, but killed in a hunt. This whale later returned, capsized the whaler's canoe and dragged the hunters down to the underwater Village of the Whales. Once there, the people were transformed into whales.

A human head is incorporated into a faunal design, perhaps as a reminder that the creature has transformed from human into its present form.

Carved from red cedar with acrylic paint & varathane - all Canadian products. 3 sets of pulleys move the tail, head and fins

Measurements of finished piece
Length - 5 1/2 ft I Width - 2 - 3 1/2 ft I Depth - 13"

- This piece is in a private collection and is not for sale -
Please contact us if you would like Troy to create a similar piece for you.