Native Indian Art - Sun / Moon Transformation Mask
Click the mask to reveal the inside

Artist: Troy Roberts
Tribal affiliation: Kwakiutl

As in all cultures, Sun stands as a symnbol of life and creative power.  The reverse side of the munificence is its scorching, destructive potential.  Sun is often acting as a benevolent spirit guide.  Sun is often, but not always, depicted as masculine in nature. 

Among the Nuu-chah-nulth Sun and Moon, who are married, represent the highest powers.  This is one of the rare instances where Sun is personified as female.  In the art, Sun is characterized by a round face with any number of surrounding rays, or at least the suggestion of rays.  On occasion, artists give the sun the face of a human, Eagle or Raven.


Sun is carvead from one piece of red cedar 7" x 11" on 26" round -   Moon 14" x 19" - 7 detachable rays, a total of 8 pieces of abalone inlaid on the tips of rays.  Carved from red cedar - acrylic paint with a varathane finish - all Canadian products -


Measurements of finished piece
57" wide x 53 inches long - depth at center is 17 inches